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The Pollution Control Board has
been established as a regulatory authority for implementing various pollution control laws.

   Frequently Asked Questions:-
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Ques:How do I apply for registration?

For registration, user need to go with "New Industry Registration" link If user has ID and password they can login directly. There are two type of logins, 1st is for the board user, "WBPCB login" and the 2nd is "Industrial login". Industry user need to select "Industrial login" after registration (When they get the ID and password). If they dont have ID & Password then industry user need to register first for getting user ID and password. Registration page will appear on screen. On this page user need to fill up all the details regarding industry and Occupier.

Ques:How will I understand further step?

After filling all details there is an option in Occupier details of "Hint Question" It is very important for user because it is required to change the password when password is forgotten. E mail address is also important in occupier details. Because of this mail address user will receive information from OCMMS. The next important point is Do you want to send login credential in mail? select Yes to receive information in Email.

Ques:How will I apply for CTE/CTO ?

On home page, select "industrial login" enter the user id and password with captcha code and click login. Then it will ask for change password. Enter the old password and make a new password and save the password. Then login again. Password should have minimum one numeric number (eg.1,2,3..), at least one special symbol (#,$,@) and some alphabet (eg. a,b,c,d) the password should have minimum 8 or maximum 15 character. Then update it and login again. Select the industrial login and enter the User Id and password. The home page of their Id will open. Here user can apply their consent application by clicking on "apply for consent".

Ques:How to submit my application?

If user want to save this application in his account for making some changes in application, user need to save this application by selecting "In progress"(at the bottom of page). But if user think the application is complete then user can select button "completed" and followed by "save". Then application will be submitted to the board with respective Regional Officer.

Ques:When user received Observation/ Clarification?

When user submit the application to the board, then the submitted application is shown in "completed application" tab of the industry ID. If some observation is raised by the board, it is received in complete application and is shown by a symbol as as shown by arrow in next page. If industry has replied of that observation then the symbol "c" becomes as "c" . It is shown in the next slide :

Ques:How to submit reply of Observation?

click on Symbol Shown by arrow A new window will open : In this window industry can see the observation and also make a reply in the notes block and industry can attach a document which is related to observation. And then select save. And when industry receive any clarification/ show cause first time then submitted application goes to editable mode. Now industry should click on the application number and the application will open, then user can see a "edit" button at bottom of application. Click on edit button. Then application goes to editable mode and you can make the changes according to the observation. Then click on submit button. Application will be submitted to the board. And now click on "C" (Observation symbol) and make reply regarding observation and save it.

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